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Our company was set up in 2007 Trabzon with the purpose of serving in maritime sector. We wish to serve you with the aim of providing the equipments of ships (life-raft, lifeboat and fire extinguisher service) immediately that are needed in maritime sector. We work and serve in all Turkish Ports and the unique firm serving in blacksea region with the certificates gained from the leader firms in maritime sector.

Poyraz safety serves and gives certificates on behanf of the trademark which it was authorized by, in its stationof o closed area of 300 square metres with its experts in this area.

Branch Office Samsun was set up to improve service quality and service about fire extinguisher, life raft, and all kinds of equipmentservice in 2011 .


The company’s service station is situated in Istanbul, the primary location of the major outhaul yards, moorings and marina facilities. Its major customers include oil companies with offshore installments and workboats, foreign registered commercial vessels through their local agents, fishing vessels as well as both foreign and locally registered yachts.

  • Life Jackets and Work Vests
  • Immersion Suits
  • Emergency Food Rations and Water
  • Marine Distress Signals(Pyrotechnics)
  • Safety Lights and Electronics
  • Hydrostatic Release Units
  • IMO Photoluminescent Signage
  • New Inflatable Life rafts for Leisure and Commercial/Industrial sectors
  • Gas Cylinder Re qualification

Our core business continues to be the inspection and re-certification of inflatable life rafts. Amongst our Staff are factory- trained technicians, some with over 25 years experience.

Our technicians receive Refresher training courses at the respective Factories frequently and our Service facility is fully equipped and approved in accordance with International standards.



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